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The Bioperl Project is an international association of users & developers of open source Perl tools for bioinformatics, genomics and life science.



See which versions of bioperl are available:

$ module avail bioperl

Load one version of bioperl into your environment:

$ module load bioperl/1.7.2


Notes from the sysadmin during installation:

$ sudo mkdir /export/apps/bioperl/1.7.2
$ sudo chown aorth /export/apps/bioperl/1.7.2
$ cpanm -l /export/apps/bioperl/1.7.2 Bio::Perl
$ cpanm -l /export/apps/bioperl/1.7.2 BioUtil::Seq
$ cpanm -l /export/apps/bioperl/1.7.2 Bio::Graphics
$ sudo chown -R root:root /export/apps/bioperl/1.7.2

This was compiled on a CentOS 7 system with the distribution's perl to keep the installation as simple as possible.

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