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Trinotate is a comprehensive annotation suite designed for automatic functional annotation of transcriptomes, particularly de novo assembled transcriptomes, from model or non-model organisms.



See versions of trinotate which are available:

$ module avail trinotate

NOTE Trinotate.sqlite Pre-generated Resource SQLite database that contains Uniprot(swissprot and uniref90)-related annotation information is available in /export/apps/trinotate/2.0.2/ folder. Therefore, you DO NOT need to download a new one!


Notes from the sysadmin during installation:

$ cd /tmp
$ wget
$ tar -xvf v2.0.2.tar.gz
$ cd Trinotate-2.0.2/
$ scl enable devtoolset-2 bash
$ sudo mkdir -p /export/apps/trinotate/2.0.2
$ sudo cp -r . /export/apps/trinotate/2.0.2
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