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TASSEL is a software package to evaluate traits associations, evolutionary patterns, and linkage disequilibrium.



See which versions of tassel are available:

$ module avail tassel

Load one version into your shell's environment and run it:

$ module load tassel/5.2.77

Note: Tassel uses a default memory of -Xms512m -Xmx1536m, so you will probably want to increase that so it doesn't crash, for example: -Xms512m -Xmx4096m

Sample Script

Sample sbatch script for running via SLURM, tassel.sbatch:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

#SBATCH -p batch
#SBATCH -J tassel
#SBATCH -n 10

current_date=$(date +%Y-%m-%d)


# create current_day folder
mkdir $DATADIR

#create UNEAK folder in $DATADIR

#load tassel module
module load tassel/3.0.165

#sequence keys

# step 1: create workingdirplugin - create several folders in DATADIR/UNEAK -Xmx4096m -fork1 -UCreatWorkingDirPlugin -w ${DATADIR}/UNEAK -endPlugin -runfork1

# copy sequence data to DATADIR/UNEAK/Illumina & key to DATADIR/UNEAK/key
cp ${illumina_sequence_data} ${DATADIR}/UNEAK/Illumina/
cp ${gbs_barcode_keys} ${DATADIR}/UNEAK/key/

# step 2: derive tagcount list -Xmx4096m -fork1 -UFastqToTagCountPlugin -w ${DATADIR}/UNEAK -e PstI -endplugin -runfork1

# step 3: merge tag count files of the same taxon -Xmx4096m -fork1 -UMergeTaxaTagCountPlugin -w ${DATADIR}/UNEAK -c 5 -endplugin -runfork1

# step 4: identify tag pairs for snip calling -Xmx4096m -fork1 -UTagCountToTagPairPlugin -w ${DATADIR}/UNEAK -e 0.03 -endplugin -runfork1

# step 5: generate tags by taxa file -Xmx4096m -fork1 -UTagPairToTBTPlugin -w ${DATADIR}/UNEAK -endplugin -runfork1

# step 6: generate map info file -Xmx4096m -fork1 -UTBTToMapInfoPlugin -w ${DATADIR}/UNEAK -endplugin -runfork1

# step 7: output hapmap file -Xmx4096m -fork1 -UMapInfoToHapMapPlugin -w ${DATADIR}/UNEAK -mnMAF 0.05 -mxMAF 0.5  -mnC 0 -mxC 1 -endplugin -runfork1


Notes from the sysadmin during installation:

$ git clone -b V5.2.77
$ cd tassel-5-standalone
$ sudo mkdir -p /export/apps/tassel/5.2.77
$ sudo cp -rv * /export/apps/tassel/5.2.77
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