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Bio-Linux 5.0 is a fully featured, powerful, configurable and easy to maintain bioinformatics workstation. Bio-Linux provides more than 500 bioinformatics programs on an Ubuntu Linux base. There is a graphical menu for bioinformatics programs, as well as easy access to the Bio-Linux bioinformatics documentation system and sample data useful for testing programs. You can also install Bio-Linux packages to handle new generation sequence data types.

You can set up the system in various configurations depending on your needs:

  1. You can install Bio-Linux on your machine, either as the only operating system, or as part of a dual-boot setup which allows you to use your current system and Bio-Linux on the same hardware.
  2. Bio-Linux can also be run from a USB memory stick. This is an ideal way to work with Bio-Linux Live, as files you create are saved to the stick. Of course, you can install the system from the memory stick also
  3. You can install our software packages onto a pre-existing Debian or Ubuntu system.
Open up a terminal and type the following:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
Enter your user password.

Scroll down and add the following lines:

#Bio-Linux package repository 
deb unstable bio-linux
to the end of the file.

Save the file and close gedit.

sudo apt-get install bio-linux-keyring 
sudo apt-get update
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