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Python programming language.



See versions of python which are available:

$ module avail python

Load a particular version into your environment and run it:

$ module load python/3.7
$ python -V


Notes from the sysadmin during installation:

$ cd /tmp
$ wget wget
$ tar xf Python-3.7.7.tar.xz
$ cd Python-3.7.7
$ scl enable devtoolset-7 bash
$ ./configure --prefix=/export/apps/python/3.7 --enable-shared --with-computed-gotos --enable-optimizations --with-lto --enable-ipv6
$ CFLAGS="${CFLAGS/-O2/-O3} -fno-semantic-interposition"
$ LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -fno-semantic-interposition"
$ chrt -i 0 make -j4
$ sudo mv /export/apps/python/3.7 /export/apps/python/3.7.2
$ sudo mkdir -p /export/apps/python/3.7
$ sudo chown aorth /export/apps/python/3.7
$ make install
$ make maninstall
$ ln -s /export/apps/python/3.7/bin/python3 /export/apps/python/3.7/bin/python
$ ln -s /export/apps/python/3.7/share/man/man1/python3.7.1 /export/apps/python/3.7/share/man/man1/python.1
$ ln -s /export/apps/python/3.7/bin/pip3 /export/apps/python/3.7/bin/pip
$ sudo chown -R root:root /export/apps/python/3.7
$ sudo rm -rf /export/apps/python/3.7.2

Configure options borrowed from Arch Linux's Python package.

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