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BBMap is a splice-aware global aligner for DNA and RNA sequencing reads. It is part of the BBTools project and includes other tools like BBDuk.



See versions of bbmap which are available:

$ module avail bbmap

Load one version into your environment and run it:

$ module load bbmap/38.67

Note: BBMap is multithreaded for both indexing and mapping. It will use all available threads on the host unless capped with the t= flag. Please set this to a number that matches the number of CPUs you requested in your SLURM allocation.


Notes from the sysadmin during installation:

$ cd /tmp/
$ wget '' -O BBMap_38.67.tar.gz
$ tar xf BBMap_38.67.tar.gz
$ sudo mkdir -p /export/apps/bbmap/38.67
$ sudo cp -r bbmap/* /export/apps/bbmap/38.67
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