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-== Analysis of Sanger sequence with Unipro UGENE Software ==+==== Analysis of Sanger sequences with Unipro UGENE Software ==== 
 +Sanger sequencing is one of the methods to determine the nucleotide sequence of DNA. It was developed by two time Nobel Laureate Fredrick Sanger and his colleagues in 1977, hence the name //Sanger sequence//. It is also known as a "chain-terminating" sequencing method.  
 +There are three main steps in sanger sequencing, find an elaborate explanation [[|here]]. Basically, the template DNA to be sequenced is used as template in a chain termination polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This PCR reaction differs from the normal PC in that a small ration of chain-terminating ddNTPs (dideoxyribonucleotides) used to extend a growing strand are added. These chain-terminating 
 [[|Ugene]] is [[|Ugene]] is
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