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 List installed module versions (from inside the shell): List installed module versions (from inside the shell):
   * <code>r</code>   * <code>r</code>
 +Reconfigure cpan
 +  * <code>perl -MCPAN -e 'o conf init'</code>
 ==== Living with CPAN ==== ==== Living with CPAN ====
 Good tips on using CPAN: Good tips on using CPAN:
 +You can reconfigure CPAN completely by using 'o conf init' at the cpan
 +prompt. Or you can configure a single option with o conf followed by the
 +option and the values you want to set. Then use 'o conf commit' to save
 +the changes permenantly. Entering just 'o conf' will show the current
 +=== Installing modules in other paths ===
 === cpan2rpm === === cpan2rpm ===
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