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Program for Automated Sequential Assignment

Setting Up the PASA Web Portal

From the PASA sourceforge documentation:

(optional, but highly recommended)

Recursively copy (cp -r) the $PASAHOME area to the cgi-bin directory of your webserver. Change permissions on everything so that it is world executable (ie. % chmod -R 755 ./PASA ) Now, visit the URL for the status report page for the pasa database you created during the pasa run above.


This will provide some summary statistics and links to additional web-based utilities for navigating the results from your pasa run.

Now that you have a URL for your base PASA url, update your original configuration file at: $PASAHOME/pasa_conf/conf.txt to set the value of BASE_PASA_URL=http://yourServerName/cgi-bin/PASA/cgi-bin/


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