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-**Message Passing Interface (MPI): The Concept**+===== MPI =====
-----+OpenMPI is one implementation of the Message Passing Interface protocol, there is also MPICH2.  There are various applications which benefit by being parallelized:
-The MPI interface is meant to provide essential virtual topology, synchronization, and communication functionality between a set of processes (that have been mapped to nodes/servers/computer instances) in a language-independent way, with language-specific syntax (bindings), plus a few features that are language-specific. MPI programs always work with processes, but programmers commonly refer to the processes as processors. Typically, for maximum performance, each CPU (or core in a multicore machine) will be assigned just a single process. This assignment happens at runtime through the agent that starts the MPI program, normally called **//mpirun//** or **//mpiexec//**.+  * [[mpi:mpiblast|mpiBLAST]] 
 +  * clustalw-mpi 
 +See the homepage for more information:
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