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Scientific Research Paper Writing and Science Communication Training Workshops - 2017

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* Describe the current status of the data for the research paper that you want to produce during the workshop. Do you have all the data for your paper?
* Apart from the scientific community, which other audiences do you wish to communicate your scientific findings (and what they mean) to?
* What challenges do you experience in trying to communicate with the audiences you have identified above?
* Apart from journal papers, what other communication products do you wish to generate from your research? Targeting who?
* All selected participants, their supervisors and their institutions will have to sign an agreement that binds them to supporting the completion and submission of the paper developed at the workshop to a journal within a reasonable timeframe (6 months). Do you agree to these terms?
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* There are several fully-funded places at this workshop. However, applicants who can fund their participation will be favorably considered. The cost of the workshop is $1600, excluding flights. Will you fund your participation at this workshop?
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• Confirm that the applicant is a full-time member of staff or have a strong affiliation with the institute;
• State the role of the applicant at the institute/organization;
• Describe how the writing skills would benefit the applicant, their research program, and    their department and institute/organization;
• State that the head of the department or institute/organization has read and understood this application in its    entirety;

Please name the file ‘LoN’ and include your name, e.g. LoN-Mercy Kenga.pdf

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