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2020 Fellowships

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Since the deadline was set to 20 January 2020, THIS FORM NO LONGER ACCEPT APPLICATIONS!!
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List the partners / partnerships (national and regional) involved in this project or other related research that you are currently conducting (250 words maximum)


Provide information on any previous activities with the BecA-ILRI Hub (e.g have you previously received an ABCF Fellowship, attended a training workshop organised by BecA-ILRI Hub, or conducted any other research or training with BecA-ILRI Hub?)
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• Include the title of the applicant's research project proposal;

• Describe how the ABCF fellowship would benefit the applicant, their research program, and/or their institution and department (and            partners);

• Explain the significance of the research in a national and regional context;

• State that the head of the institution has read and understood this application in its entirety;

• Say who the institutional point of contact will be, should this fellowship application be successful.