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 +===== wEMBOSS =====
 +Web GUI for Emboss bioinformatics tools: http://​​
 +<​code>#​ wget http://​​project/​wemboss/​wEMBOSS/​wEMBOSSDIST-2.1.1/​wEMBOSSDIST-2.1.1.tar.gz?​use_mirror=garr
 +# tar zxf wEMBOSSDIST-2.1.1.tar.gz
 +# cd wEMBOSSDIST-2.1.1/​wEMBOSSinstall/</​code>​
 +The INSTALL file says wEMBOSS needs Mail::​Mailer,​ install it from CPAN if it's not already installed...
 +You can insert the answers in a text file and feed it to the install script:
 +<​code>​perl < myAnswers</​code>​
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