Introductory course in Bioinformatics 4-9th May 2009



The ILRI-BecA EMBNet node is presenting an introductory course in Bioinformatics for scientists in East and Central Africa in collaboration with Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala University (UU) and Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics (LCB) funded by SIDA-Sweden.

The objective of the course is to introduce young scientists to, and encourage application of, bioinformatics/computational biology in their research and to present some of the biological resources available on the ILRI-BECA bioinformatics platform.

The course is held on the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) campus, Nairobi, Kenya.

It is also possible to follow the course online using the Maracteh video conferencing system system. For more information see here.


Dr. Etienne de Villiers - ILRI

Dr. Erik Bongcam-Rudloff - SLU-LCB

Dr. Hans-Henrik Fuxelius - UU-LCB

Katharina Truve - UU-LCB

George Githinji - KEMRI-Wellcome Trust

Funding sources:

SIDA - Sweden, under a collaborative project with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Biosciences East and Central Africa (BecA) hub, Nairobi, Kenya.

Prof. Anna Tramontano, University of Rome.