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 Notes from the sysadmin during installation:​ Notes from the sysadmin during installation:​
-<​code>​cd /tmp +<​code>​cd /tmp 
-git clone​vsbuffalo/​scythe.git +git clone​vsbuffalo/​scythe.git 
-cd scythe +cd scythe 
-scl enable devtoolset-2 bash +scl enable devtoolset-2 bash 
-CC=clang make all +CC=clang make all 
-sudo mkdir -p /​export/​apps/​scythe/​0.994-beta +sudo mkdir -p /​export/​apps/​scythe/​0.994-beta 
-sudo cp scythe /​export/​apps/​scythe/​0.994-beta +sudo cp scythe /​export/​apps/​scythe/​0.994-beta</​code>​
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