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 Install with: Install with:
 <​code>​$ sudo rpm -i ~/​rpmbuild/​RPMS/​x86_64/​python26-2.6-geekymedia1.x86_64.rpm</​code>​ <​code>​$ sudo rpm -i ~/​rpmbuild/​RPMS/​x86_64/​python26-2.6-geekymedia1.x86_64.rpm</​code>​
 +If upgrading, use 
 +<​code>​$ sudo rpm -U ~/​rpmbuild/​RPMS/​x86_64/​python26-2.6-geekymedia1.x86_64.rpm</​code>​
 ====== Troubleshooting ====== ====== Troubleshooting ======
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