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-===== rocks commands =====+===== Rocks commands ===== 
 +Rocks 5.0 includes a command line tool ''​rocks''​ to handle most system administration tasks.
-==== Re-install a node ==== +===== Boot-related commands =====
-Nodes' BIOS should be set to boot from PXE (network) first and then the local hard drives. ​ The PXE server changes the PXE configs depending on what ''​bootaction''​ you've set for the node in the rocks database. ​ Therefore, to instruct a node to rebuild itself, remove its boot action:+
-<​code>#​ rocks remove host boot compute-0-6 +==== Reinstall a node ==== 
-# rocks list host boot | grep 0-6 +Nodes' BIOS should be set to boot from PXE (network) first and then the local hard drives. ​ The PXE server changes ​the PXE configs depending on what ''​bootaction'' ​you've set for the node in the rocks database. ​ To instruct a node to reinstall on the next boot:
-compute-0-6: ​ ------</​code>​ +
-Make sure to sync the config after you change ​the boot action. +
-<​code># ​rocks sync config</​code>​+
-After a successful ​install ​the bootaction is set to "​os"​, which configures ​the PXE server to instruct ​the node to use a local disk upon boot.+<​code>#​ rocks set host boot compute-0-6 action="​install
 +# rocks set host installaction compute-0-6 action="​install ilri"​ 
 +# rocks run host compute-0-6 '​reboot'</​code>​ 
 +==== Run memtest ==== 
 +<​code>#​ rocks set host runaction compute-0-8 action="​memtest"​ 
 +# rocks set host boot compute-0-8 action="​os"​ 
 +# rocks run host compute-0-8 '​reboot'</​code>​ 
 +==== Monitor installation progress ==== 
 +You can monitor a node's progress during ​the installation using VNC.  Make sure you're inside X on the head node, or logged in via SSH with X forwarding:​ 
 +<​code>​$ sudo rocks-console compute-0-8</​code>​
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