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 $ R</​code>​ $ R</​code>​
-Here is a good resource on [[https://​​resources/​getting_started/​howto/​howto_install_local_r_packages|installing R packages into user libraries]].+Use ''​installed.packages()''​ to check the list of packages installed in the ILRI environment by default. ​Here is a good resource on [[https://​​resources/​getting_started/​howto/​howto_install_local_r_packages|installing R packages into user libraries]] ​if you need other packages.
 ===== Installation ====== ===== Installation ======
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 $ make install</​code>​ $ make install</​code>​
-Then install some common libraries used by our users (to save spaceoverhead from tens of thousands of header ​and library ​filesand users'​s time):+Then install some common libraries used by our users because some of them are quite complicatedand installing them globally saves tens of thousands of header files and libraries being installed into user libraries anyways:
 +<​code>​$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/​export/​apps/​gdal/​2.4.2/​lib
 +> install.packages("​BiocManager",​ repos="​https://​"​)
 +> install.packages("​sf",​ repo="​https://​",​ configure.args=c(sf = "​--with-gdal-config=/​export/​apps/​gdal/​2.4.2/​bin/​gdal-config"​))
 +> install.packages("​poppr",​ repos="​https://​"​)
 +> install.packages("​vcfR",​ repos="​https://​"​)</​code>​
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