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 <code>$ module load plink/2.00-alpha <code>$ module load plink/2.00-alpha
 $ plink2</code> $ plink2</code>
 +**Note:** If you are running your job on a newer compute node like compute05 you can run ''plink2-avx2'' instead of ''plink2'' as that server has a newer CPU and can use a more optimized plink.
 ===== Installation ====== ===== Installation ======
Line 24: Line 26:
 $ wget $ wget
 $ sudo mkdir /export/apps/plink/2.00-alpha $ sudo mkdir /export/apps/plink/2.00-alpha
-$ sudo cp plink2 /export/apps/plink/2.00-alpha</code>+$ sudo cp plink2 /export/apps/plink/2.00-alpha 
 +$ rm plink2 
 +$ wget 
 +$ unzip 
 +$ sudo cp plink2 /export/apps/plink/2.00-alpha/plink2-avx2</code>
-The AVX2 build only runs on **one** of our compute nodes because the rest are too old. We need to use the less-optimized 64-bit builds. :(+The AVX2 build only runs on compute05. The rest of our compute nodes are too old and must use the 64-bit builds.
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