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 $ pip3 install -U pip setuptools $ pip3 install -U pip setuptools
 $ pip3 install -U numpy scipy pandas biopython matplotlib $ pip3 install -U numpy scipy pandas biopython matplotlib
-$ sudo cp -r . /export/apps/metaphlan2/2.9.5</code>+$ sudo cp -r . /export/apps/metaphlan2/2.9.5 
 +$ sudo mkdir /export/apps/metaphlan2/2.9.5/metaphlan_databases 
 +$ wget 
 +$ sudo mv mpa_v295_CHOCOPhlAn_201901.tar /export/apps/metaphlan2/2.9.5/metaphlan_databases</code> 
 +**Note:** check the ''mpa_latest'' file on [[|metaphlan2's downloads page]] to see which is the latest database during installation.
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