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InterPro is a database which integrates together predictive information about proteins' function from a number of partner resources, giving an overview of the families that a protein belongs to and the domains and sites it contains.



Check for available versions:

$ module avail interproscan

Load the latest version into your environment:

$ module load interproscan/5.25-64.0


Notes from the sysadmin during installation:

$ cd /tmp
$ wget
$ wget
$ md5sum -c interproscan-5.25-64.0-64-bit.tar.gz.md5
$ tar -pxvzf interproscan-5.25-64.0-*-bit.tar.gz
$ cd interproscan-5.25-64.0/data
$ wget
$ tar -pxvzf panther-data-11.1.tar.gz
$ sudo mkdir /export/apps/interproscan/5.25-64.0
$ sudo cp -r * /export/apps/interproscan/5.25-64.0


$ module load interproscan/5.25-64.0
$ -i /export/apps/interproscan/5.25-64.0/test_proteins.fasta -f tsv

Note: Interproscan 5.25-64.0 now ships components that depend on CentOS 7… so make sure you run it on compute03.

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