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 <code>$ module load diamond/0.9.9 <code>$ module load diamond/0.9.9
 $ diamond</code> $ diamond</code>
 +An example SLURM submission script might look like:
 +<code>#!/bin/env bash
 +#SBATCH -p batch
 +#SBATCH -n 4
 +#SBATCH -J diamond
 +# Load diamond module
 +module load diamond/0.9.9
 +# Set up environment
 +export DATADIR=/home/aorth/data
 +export WORKDIR=/var/scratch/aorth/diamond-2017-08-17
 +# Create and change to working directory
 +mkdir -p $WORKDIR
 +diamond blastx -p 4 -q $DATADIR/test_nt_seq.fa --sensitive -d /export/data/bio/diamond/nr -o test_nt_seq.xml -f 5</code>
 +Make sure to match the number of CPUs in your SLURM request (''-n'') with the amount in your diamond command line (''-p'').
 ===== Installation ====== ===== Installation ======
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