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 ==== Add a new user ==== ==== Add a new user ====
-On the head node... create the new user, adding him to the default "​users"​ group+On the head nodecreate the user account
-<​code>​useradd -g users evilliers</​code>​+<​code>​# /​usr/​sbin/​adduser jsmith</​code>​
 Change the user's password: Change the user's password:
-<​code>​passwd ​evilliers</​code>​ +<​code>​passwd ​jsmith</​code>​ 
- +Sync the changes ​to disk (Rocks updates autofs and sends config files to compute ​nodes)
-Add new user to /​etc/​auto.home +<​code>#​ rocks sync users</code>
- +
-Do following to propagate users to nodes: +
-make -C /var/411 force +
-cluster-fork '​411get --all'​ +
-cluster-fork '​service autofs reload'​+
 +  * Rocks documentation:​ https://​​wiki/​index.php/​Home_directories
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