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 $ . /​export/​apps/​changeo/​0.3.5/​bin/​activate $ . /​export/​apps/​changeo/​0.3.5/​bin/​activate
 $ pip install -U pip setuptools $ pip install -U pip setuptools
-$ pip install -U Cython 
 $ pip install -U numpy scipy pandas biopython $ pip install -U numpy scipy pandas biopython
-$ pip install -U presto 
 $ pip install -U changeo $ pip install -U changeo
 $ sudo chown -R root:root /​export/​apps/​changeo/​0.3.5</​code>​ $ sudo chown -R root:root /​export/​apps/​changeo/​0.3.5</​code>​
 +Change-O requires presto, so either install it and all of its dependencies here as well, or just make sure the Change-O module also loads presto.
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