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Introduction to Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Training Workshop 2017
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Pipettes for volumes in the range 1ul to 1ml: Spectrophotometer (UV/VIS):
Water bath(s): Incubator cabinet (37℃):
Autoclave: pH meter:
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Easy access to supply of reagent for molecular biology: Funds to purchase reagents for molecular biology:
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• Confirm that the applicant is a full-time member of staff or have a strong affiliation with the institute;
• State the role of the applicant at the institute/organization;
• Describe how skills lecular Biology and Bioinformatics would benefit the applicant, their research program, and    their department and institute/organization;
• State that the head of the department or institute/organization has read and understood this application in its    entirety;

Please name the file ‘LoN’ and include your name, e.g. LoN-Mercy Kenga.pdf

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